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  • Five Integrated Sections:

    Comprehensive Development Section:

    It mainly includes key cities in the Yangtze River Delta and national key cultural enterprises. The content covers publishing, printing, distribution, broadcasting, film, television, news, new media and other fields, and introduces the development plan, key projects and investment policies of cultural industry during the 14th Five-year Plan period.

    Digital Creative Section:

    It focuses on digital content development and digital experience services. It will highlight e-sports, online games, animation and comics, online literature, online audio and video, MCN institutions and other contents to show the new formats, new subjects and new contents of cultural industry under the background of digital economy.

    Cultural Technology Section:

    For the first time in the form of "exhibition within exhibition", the "Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Equipment and Technology Exhibition" is set up and focuses on the integrated development of culture and science and technology. It takes digitalization and intelligence as the leading, and covers three key links of technology research, advanced manufacturing and application services. It highlights new technologies, achievements and applications in lighting and sound equipment, film and television post-production and projection, VR/AR, 5G and AI+ cultural and creative applications, multimedia equipment, performing arts and entertainment equipment, printing and packaging equipment, exhibition and display equipment and other fields.

    Cultural Tourism Integration Section:

    According to the requirements of the Culture and Tourism Department on "promoting tourism with culture and enhancing culture with tourism", centering on the integration of cultural and tourism space, cultural and tourism projects and cultural and tourism products, a group of excellent cultural and tourism parks, cultural and tourism supplies and cultural and tourism performing arts festivals will be displayed. In view of the urgent requirements of promoting cultural and tourism integration across the country, BtoB and BtoG ways are used to promote the precise docking of supply and demand, and BtoC way is used to create a popular platform for audiences to customize and purchase tourism services.

    Cultural Creativity and Museum Section:

    Focusing on "Design leads cultural innovation consumption" and taking cultural and creative design as the main line, it covers international famous brands, designer institutions, museums, IP agents, time-honored brands, cultural and creative design service platforms and cultural and creative markets. For the first time, it sets up an exhibition area featuring coffee culture to explore new drivers of cultural consumption.

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Copyright © 2020 Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo      All Rights Reserved      Record Number:沪ICP备18005724号-2