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2020 YRDICIE presses the fast-forward button to help the cultural industries recover after the epidemic
Release time: 2020-06-29 11:05:04

As the situation of COVID-19 prevention and control in China continues to improve, various industries are gradually resuming production. Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui in the Yangtze River Delta have successively issued support policies to help the cultural industries recover after the epidemic. On the afternoon of June 22, 2020 Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo (hereinafter referred to as "2020 YRDICIE") Shanghai Promotion Conference was successfully held and announced that 2020 YRDICIE jointly organized by Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on November 19-22, 2020 as scheduled.

On the basis of the second session, 2020 YRDICIE will further highlight the characteristics of "transaction goes first, high quality wins, good service counts" and make a brand-new appearance in the post-epidemic period of the cultural industry in the Yangtze River Delta. It is a grand gathering celebrating a large number of cultural enterprises and trading partners ushered in a big butt of market recovery after the epidemic, a big party for developing new forms of cultural consumption and new markets.

As an old saying goes "To make hay while the sun shines", at present, Tencent, China Literature, Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, Shanghai United Media Group, Shanghai Library, Global Art Agency, the Cultural Industry Fund of Macau SAR, Creative Hub Switzerland and other prominent enterprises and institutions have already expressed their intention to attend the expo, more and more cultural enterprises both at home and abroad are on the way.

Cultural enterprises blossoming is no way to avoid in this banquet

Bringing together 874 exhibitors at home and abroad, attracting 128,000 visitors, and reaching a contract value of around 5 billion yuan, 2019 YRDICIE perfectly showed how internationalization, marketization, professionalism and brand-orientation featured on it and what a multi-dimensional display and trade platform it has become for enterprises. Carrying what it achieved in 2019 into 2020, 2020 YRDICIE develops a 5 + 2 exhibition concept which includes 5 sections, namely Comprehensive Development Section, Overseas Elite Section, Digital Creative Section, Cultural Technology Section, Innovative Enterprises and Start-ups Section, and 2 featured sections which are Cultural and Creative Life Featured Section and Licensing and Transaction Featured Section. Multiple forums and featured releases will also be launched simultaneously during the expo.


Comprehensive Development Section gathers national cultural leading companies to showcase the latest achievements of China’s cultural industries; Digital Creative Section focuses on building an "E-sports and Animation Carnival" and combines activities with exhibition to create a four-day youth’s feast; Cultural Technology Section takes “technology innovation + cultural and creative innovation activates new market” as its theme to explore new dimension of cultural industry development; Licensing and Transaction Featured Section picks "Cultural licensing brings unlimited business opportunities" as its theme and focuses on fields like cultural museums, artworks, new chic of time-honored national brands, film and television, helping more cultural companies to seek fortunes and monetizing high-quality IPs; Overseas Elite Section sets up the “Online Overseas Interaction Pavilion” to expand the channels for overseas exhibitors to participate, further extend the global cultural industry chain and value chain, and build an international cultural trade network.





Precise business matchmaking proves transaction goes first

In view of the urgent desire of a large number of cultural industry enterprises for market recovery in the post epidemic period, this expo takes transaction and supply-demand docking as the primary goal, and will carry out extensive research, plan various activities to connect supply and demand sides, and improve the precise effect of transaction docking. For the top key enterprises, the organizer will carefully invite them to display their projects with market prospects and excellent products that are marketable; it will also plan and launch a variety of thematic economic and trade docking activities and organize a large number of buyers and professional visitors to visit and participate in the expo as well to connect with excellent cultural enterprises. The organizer will also help investors, developers and service providers of cultural industry to work together to develop new markets at home and abroad.


Innovative marketing methods helps improve exhibitors’ transaction

This expo will join hands with major internet platform enterprises, make full use of the traffic and channels, build a multi-dimensional marketing platform with short video live broadcast, internet celebrity marketing and other new marketing methods, and form a new mode of exhibition combining online sales and offline display transactions. It focuses on digital creativity, culture and technology, cultural and creative life, authorized transactions and other fields, and vigorously promote exhibitors’ key products and core technologies to display new and practical cases, and actively promote the marketing revenue of exhibitors.

More "First Release" and "First Show" needed to represent diversity

Based on 66 sessions of featured releases in the second edition, 2020 YRDICIE upgrades it to 100 sessions or even more. Topics ranging from cultural enterprises’ latest achievements, major cultural projects promotion, governmental industry policies issuing to investors and talents recruiting will all be released in this cultural industry information converging platform. The expo will support cultural enterprises to give "First Release", "First Show" "Screen Debut" "First Use" to facilitate effective communication between enterprises with supply and demand.



Innovative enterprises and start-ups are seen as the new engine to drive industry innovation

A brand new Innovative Enterprises and Start-ups Section is set up this year to help boost more start-ups and innovation in the cultural industries. In response to the urgent needs of small, medium and micro enterprises in the post-epidemic period, this section will attract investment, allocate resources and seek business opportunities for them. This section encourages different kinds of cultural bodies, such as start-ups, college student groups, personal studios to showcase their innovative achievements and get access to the market. It is also a good way to display new formats of cultural consumption, such as consumption lead by KOL’s promotion, smart cultural tourism marketing and experience consumption, etc. What’s more, it is also a place where financial institutes and venture capitals meet with new targets. 



Crisis acted as opportunity here is destined to blossom

Sunshine always come after a rainy day, the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020 caused severe impacts to the global cultural market, but insightful people will take it as an opportunity to find new ways to prosper. 2020 YRDICIE will press the shortcut button for the recovery of cultural industry. We sincerely welcome all kinds of cultural enterprises at home and abroad to actively participate in the expo and share wonderful moments together.

Exhibition booth application:

For booth application, please scan the QR code or clink following links:  http://www.yrdicie.com/channel.aspx?id=58&site=en



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