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The Second Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo (YRDICIE) was successfully concluded, let’s review the "peak moment" in the cultural industry!
Release time: 2019-12-06 16:09:37

The Second Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo (YRDICIE) was successfully concluded on November 24, 2019. It's said that the popularity of the expo has exploded in these 4 days. Let's see what happened!



Come and see the astonishing data of 2019 YRDICIE!

During the expo, 1 keynote forum, 15 theme forums, 3 "Districts-Cities Interaction" activities, 66 on-site briefings and 5 specialized economic and trade matching conferences were held.


The on-site transaction amount of the expo reached 450 million yuan, the total contract value exceeded 5 billion yuan, and among it the largest single signed contract was worth 53.6 million yuan.

On the media side, 2019 YRDICIE has attracted a lot of attention. This expo got strong support by more than 80 professional news media from the central government as well as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui provinces and Shanghai, and other places in China and 486 media reporters registered on site. By November 4th, totally 625 original news reports and 63,800 online articles related to the expo were generated. And YRDICIE’s weChat official account’s followers exceeded 14,000 and more than 13,0000 users followed its official micro-blog. Moreover, there are 43 programs broadcasted in the Himalaya live-streaming room. And 33 tweets from Topbuzz reached over 8.63 million people, The total number of clicks formed by cooperation with new media and short video large-scale companies such as Reading Fun, Micro Shanghai, etc. has exceeded 1.86 million.

Outdoor advertising promotion has implemented 740 pairs of elevated lightpole flags on Yan'an Road in Shanghai, 500 taxi body ads, 150 subway light box ads, 24 light box ads in Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai’s 3 railway stations, 7 outdoor electronic screens in main commercial areas and 2500 electronic screens in Focus Media buildings.




In addition, we also need to thank Binjiang Star Media, an outdoor landmark media, and Neo, an official designated vehicle brand for their strong support.           

On the last day of the expo, the organizers also gave out many awards, such as Enterprise Contribution Award, Best Organizer Award, Golden Lighthouse Award, Special Contribution Award and Special Organizer Award, to the exhibitors who have made outstanding achievements.

The Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Expo is China's first cultural industry fair focusing on the development of cultural industry in world-class megalopolis.

Holding the YRDICIE is an important review for the cultural industry of the Yangtze River Delta to deepen the implementation of the national strategy of "Yangtze River Delta Region’s Integration Development", and also an important event to show the world the achievements of promoting high-quality development and deepening collaborative innovation.


High-quality exhibition has overflowed visitors’ eyes, what an endless expo!

Centering on the theme of "Building a Cultural Industry Community in the Yangtze River Delta", the development concept area shows the vitality and future of the integrated development as well as the development of the cultural industry in the Yangtze River Delta with videos played by an arc screen with a span of 22 meters.           

The Industry Pavilion is a “5+2" content structure. The industrial integration section includes five exhibition areas: cultural and technological integration, creative life, cultural and tourism integration, film and television media, and comprehensive development. The thematic section includes 2 exhibition areas: Overseas Pavilion and International Cultural Licensing Transaction Pavilion.

Shanghai focuses on displaying the achievements of cultural industry construction of "two centers and two capitals" in the past year, as well as the contents of "Maritime Cultural Creation" and Copyright Licensing Transactions.





"Canal Culture" runs through Jiangsu Pavilion all the time. When exploring in the "5G Grand Canal Immersive Experience Hall", the audiences feel like walking on the Grand Canal by boat. Currently 5G base stations have been set up in 8 cities in Jiangsu where the Grand Canal flows, which helps to transmit the beautiful scenery of the canal to the site of the YRDICIE in real time.


Zhejiang Province highlights its strong advantages in digital culture industry by the way of "culture + Internet". Among them, Zhejiang film and television plays play an important role in the whole country. This time, Huace group, Huayi Brothers, Tangde Film and Television, Heng Dian World Studios represented Zhejiang exhibitors to participate in the expo.


Anhui concentrated to display a number of transforming and upgrading new business forms and models such as shared bookstores, “Operas in Anhui”, “ Leling Reading by Listening APP” as well as new technologies and products of cultural and technological integration and development, such as iFLYTEK translator, smart wear, Star Screen, film industrial park, etc.


The Yunnan delegation has prepared a booth full of ethnic customs, the ethnic and folk arts and crafts they brought from Yunnan were even sold out of stock.

In addition, the scale of overseas pavilion reaches 4500 square meters. The Cultural Industry Fund of Macao SAR Government of China, the Ministry of Culture of Thailand, the Korean Institute of culture in Shanghai, the Korean Cultural Center, Shanghai, the Korea Creative Content Agency and Global Art Agency Limited from the UK, Dargaud from France and Dark Horse from the United States, etc. all displayed their own features.




Masters gather at the forums of YRDICIE!

The keynote forum of the Second YRDICIE was jointly hosted by the Publicity Department of the Party committee of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shanghai and Guangming Daily. Under the theme of " Cultural Cooperation and High-level Integration in the Yangtze River Delta ", it released reports such as "Building a cultural development community in the Yangtze River Delta: current situation, problems and paths" and "Report on the development and innovation trend of audio-visual industry in the Yangtze River Delta". The round table dialogue was wonderful and the keynote speech was brilliant. It showed the cultural charm of the Yangtze River Delta with rich and practical contents, explored the specific path of the higher quality integrated development for the present and future accurate portrait of the cultural cooperation of the Yangtze River Delta, and promoted the formation of the integrated development system and mechanism of the Yangtze River Delta with cultural identity, cultural confidence and cultural vitality.


15 variable and splendid theme forums ranging from film and television, performing arts, culture and tourism, culture and innovation, animation, digital copyright to urban culture and other aspects are also one of the highlights of the expo. Views from all parties collided with each other and generated discussions on the future of cultural industry development in the Yangtze River Delta. The theme forums of this expo have achieved fruitful results, with 25 cooperation agreements signed and 4 alliances, 2 bases and 1 center established.



Cooperation and Negotiation generated big pieces of cakes!

The main exhibition hall has set up four release areas, holding 66 on-site briefings in total. Brand release, project roadshow, cooperation and signing, economic and trade investment promotion, e-sport competition and performance and other forms of exhibition burst out. All kinds of cultural institutions, economic and trade institutions and exhibitors have become the protagonists of the on-site briefings, and the high-quality release slot is hard to get. These on-site briefings their achievements and images from multiple perspectives, and received warm feedback from the.

The Second YRDICIE held five economic and trade matchmaking meetings involving international IP authorization, overseas film and television culture, overseas cultural equipment and other fields, attracted more than 100 enterprises from overseas countries (regions), the Yangtze River Delta region, Yunnan Province, Hongkou District of Shanghai, Changning District of Shanghai and other regions to participate, it provided enterprises an opportunity to conduct deep face-to-face exchanges. It is understood that a number of cooperation intentions have been reached, and further in-depth negotiations will be conducted in the future to seek common development and conclude transactions.

Here are a few deals and agreements reached in this expo. In the International Cultural Licensing Transaction Pavilion, UUCMM’s cartoon "Baotietie" reached a cooperation agreement of 40 million yuan with Thailand's Xhibition studio; the contract value of the Korean enterprise group organized by the the Korea Creative Content Agency reached exceeded 8 million US dollars; Huace Group signed a contract with the People’s Government of the Songjiang District of Shanghai for the project of "Huace-Yangtze River Delta International Film and Television Center"; Shanghai Radio, Film and Television Production Industry Association signed the cooperation framework agreement on film and television creation, service and industrial development with Yunnan Literary and Art Creation Center; Shanghai Chongming Cultural and Creative Investment Co., Ltd reached a cooperation agreement of US $2 million with Inter Park and they will jointly build the Chinese musical industry base with China Association of Performing Arts.


What's more, Huangfu Juanjua, a Suzhou embroidery designer from Jiangsu Province, has reached cooperation intentions with Miyilu, an exhibitor from Yunnan Province, Changshu Fengxi Cheongsam, an exhibitor from Jiangsu Province, and Shanghai Auto Museum in the small booth of Nautilus Market Fair inside the expo. In just three days, she has achieved orders worth several million yuan.



"Districts-Cities Interaction ": Let’s move forward hand in hand!

"Districts- Cities Interaction" activity is an important feature of the YRDICIE. Relevant districts in Shanghai and prefecture level cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces jointly held thematic activities to establish a communication and cooperation platform for Yangtze River Delta cities and districts so as to let the influence of the YRDICIE goes out of the National Exhibition and Convention Center to deepen the cooperation of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces and Shanghai.

At the Second YRDICIE, Yangpu District cooperated with Hangzhou, Chuzhou, Bengbu and other cities to carry out the activity of "New culture, New technology, New youth: Yangtze River Delta Culture and Technology Workshop" in Bingjiang, Yangpu District. Xuhui District held the theme summit of "New Culture and Tourism Life: A New Model of Culture and Tourism Consumption in the Yangtze River Delta". Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Ningbo, Wuhu, Xuhui District of Shanghai and Alibaba Culture and Entertainment Group announced the establishment of the Yangtze River Delta Culture and Tourism Consumption Integration Alliance. The Second Yangtze River Delta Red Culture Tourism Salon led by Hongkou District, expanded the friend circle to 12 cities and districts and released new Yangtze River Delta red culture tourism routes as well as held sitcoms, red cultural and creative exhibitions, roundtable forums and other activities to make red culture more and more popular. In addition, Huangpu District demonstrated the "performing arts world", Jing'an District led the e-sports events project, Qingpu District released the relevant projects of "Yangtze River Delta Integrated Demonstration Zone", etc., which received warm response and positive feedback from the relevant cities of the 3 provinces.


Spoiler Alert for the 3rd Edition!

People who missed this year’s YRDICIE are already pushing for the next year’s.          

According to the development plan of the YRDICIE, "three major steps" will be taken in the first three years. The first one is "establishment", the second one is "expansion", and the third one is "Upgrading". After two years of laying the foundation, the third one will be further promoted in the direction of "internationalization, specialization, marketization and trademark shaping". The 3rd YRDICIE will strive to become an international brand certified by the UFI, with B2B as the main factor and B2C as the consideration, professional highlights and excellent quality flying together, so that the industry and the general audience can gain something, and the scale of market-oriented exhibition will be further expanded.


It is preliminarily assumed that the 3rd YRDICIE will be composed of four parts: exhibition, forum, features release and "Districts-Cites Interaction ". We will display the achievements of the cultural industries of our brother provinces and cities and at home and abroad in a larger scale and richer form, carry out multi-level industrial docking, and jointly promote the development and prosperity of China's cultural industries.



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